Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood planning has the potential to significantly affect the location and appearance of future development across the High Weald AONB.

The neighbourhood plan process is therefore an important opportunity for residents to influence development in a way that meets the AONB Management Plan objectives. 

Neighbourhood plans also provide an opportunity for communities to learn more about and connect with their places; appreciating how they have evolved over time and how they can grow in a sustainable way that conserves and enhances the character of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

How we can help

We have produced a guidance note on how to consider the AONB in a Neighbourhood Plan. This includes:

  • An introduction to the neighbourhood planning proces
  • Relevant information on the landscape of the High Weald AONB
  • Sources of data and evidence relating to the AONB (including High Weald landscape character data that links to objectives in the Management Plan).

Learn about the special High Weald landscape features in your Parish

We hold downloadable maps for each of the AONB’s 99 parishes with information on the components that make up the area’s unique landscape character, including:

  • sandstone outcrops
  • ponds and rivers
  • wildflower meadows
  • heathland
  • historic field boundaries
  • historic routeways
  • historic settlement boundaries
  • historic farmsteads
  • ancient woodland. 

You can also download a summary of what the data shows and how it was created (metadata) to help with the interpretation and understanding of the mapped data.

For East Sussex communities producing neighbourhood plans, the County Archaeology team can produce an information pack highlighting the areas of archaeological and historic interest. This pack will include information on non-designated and designated local, regional and national heritage assets, as well as the Archaeological Notification Areas. There is a charge for this service. For further information, contact: