AONB boundary

The map to the right indicates the area covered by the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designation.

You can download a high-res, zoomable pdf  boundary map below, or explore our interactive High Weald Storymap.

The High Weald AONB boundary is now also included in Google Maps as a green layer, along with the 32 other AONBs across England.

Please be aware…..

The original High Weald AONB boundary was drawn in 1983, on large scale paper maps, before digital maps were available.

Where it doesn’t follow a boundary feature e.g. road, river, field edge, it can be hard to interpret; for example it can be hard to tell if an individual house or field is inside or outside of the boundary – especially near the edge of the AONB and around towns such as Crowborough, Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells).

High Weald location map

If you have a boundary query…

If your property is near the boundary and you need to know whether it is within the AONB please ask your local council’s planning department.

Any dispute about the boundary is ultimately decided by Natural England – the Government advisor on countryside matters.

MAGIC mapping

You can also use a mapping platform called magic, which provides authoritative geographic information about the natural environment.

It is managed by Natural England and provides details of many official boundaries – and lots of other data – including AONBs.

It has an interactive map feature that can zoom into very close detail.

User Guide:

  • Start in the interactive map and tick the “Land-based Designations – Statutory” box in the table of contents on the left-hand side
  • Enter a postcode in the top search box, or scroll your bouse to zoom to the part of the map you wish to view.
  • The AONB boundary will only display at scales >1:50,000 because the boundary is based on the paper Designation Order maps which are generally at a 1:50,000 scale.