High Weald Storymap

Every landscape has a story, and the High Weald is no exception.

For over a thousand years, people have shaped the natural beauty of the High Weald into a landscape of wooded, rolling hills with a rich patchwork of small fields, scattered farmsteads and ancient routeways.

Our new interactive storymap is designed to help you find out more about the High Weald’s designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and how people are looking after the area.

The High Weald storymap presents our extensive collection of maps and data with the additional context of text and images – a literal ‘story of maps’.

As you read each section – e.g. Woodland, Dark Skies, Field and Heath – and scroll down the screen, the map comes to life with a visual representation of the data. You can zoom into the map to view a specific area, or scroll out to view the landscape as a whole.

In addition to beautiful images and fascinating details of the area’s natural and built heritage, the storymap also contains the specific data, facts and figures that underpin the High Weald AONB Management Plan 2024-2029.

Click the yellow button to start your journey into the High Weald storymap, or visit highweald.org/storymap (opens in new tab) >>

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High Weald Parish Maps

The storymap does not go down to Parish level. If you wish to refer to information about the High Weald’s landscape character in your specific area – including ancient woodland, sandstone outcrops, historic field boundaries, historic routeways, and wildflower meadows – you can use our Parish Information Maps.

Our publications library holds a set of maps for each of the 99 parishes in the AONB.

Click the button to find and download information for your parish.