AONB Vision

The AONB Vision is agreed by the High Weald Joint Advisory Committee, which includes representatives of allĀ 15 local authorities with land in the AONB and Government bodies responsible for protected landscapes in England.

The High Weald AONB Management Plan sets out how we, and others, think this vision can be realised.

Our vision for the future of the High Weald is a landscape which:

  • Retains its distinctive historic landscape character and beauty, and has halted the erosion of natural beauty avoiding poor development and incremental change.
  • Is maintained by sustainable land management practices, such as regenerative agriculture, wilding, small-scale woodland management and agro-forestry, and sees land managed by different people through diverse activities that are supported and nurtured where they deliver public benefits.
  • Displays thriving wildlife and improving ecological quality in its highly interconnected and biodiverse landscape.
  • Is embracing a low-carbon future with green technologies and non-fossil fuel transport underpinning a strong rural economy and thriving communities.
  • Engages people with nature and contributes to the health and wellbeing of people within and outside the area.
  • Demonstrates a consistent approach to planning across the AONB, allowing for appropriate housing and economic needs of thriving communities and the land-based sector without compromising the characteristic historic settlement pattern.
  • Displays healthy natural systems including clean air and water providing benefits across the South East.
  • Celebrates woodland history and nurtures a woodland economy whose timber products are highly valued.
  • Facilitates active participation by people, their communities and businesses, in conserving the area and managing change.
  • Provides a warm welcome and high quality experience for residents and visitors seeking inspiration and enjoyment of its landscape and rich, well understood and celebrated cultural heritage.
  • Is valued and understood by people, businesses and communities landscape championed by the High Weald Joint Advisory Committee.