High Weald Joint Advisory Committee

The High Weald Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) champions the High Weald AONB. It meets twice a year; membership is as follows:

  • A councillor from each of the 15 local authorities whose area is covered by the High Weald AONB designation;
  • A representative from Natural England; and
  • Five representatives co-opted from Forum member organisations to represent community, recreation, nature conservation, farming and forestry interests.

The High Weald Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) meets twice a year, usually in November and March.

Joint Advisory Committee members:

  • Chairman – Councillor P Bradbury
  • Vice-chairman – Councillor E Kirby-Green
  • Natural England – Laura Newland

County Council members:

  • East Sussex County Council – Councillor E Kirby-Green
  • West Sussex County Council – Councillor P Bradbury
  • Kent County Council – Councillor S Carey
  • Surrey County Council – TBA

Borough and District Council members:

  • Wealden District Council – Cllr Andrew Wilson
  • Rother District Council – Cllr Andrew Mier
  • Hastings Borough Council – Cllr Maya Evans
  • Mid Sussex District Council – Cllr Lorraine Carvalho
  • Horsham District Council – Cllr Sam Raby
  • Crawley Borough Council – Cllr Ian Irvine
  • Tunbridge Wells Borough Council – Cllr Mrs Nancy Warne
  • Sevenoaks District Council – Cllr Nigel Williams
  • Ashford Borough Council – Cllr Alan Pickering
  • Tonbridge & Malling District Council – Cllr Mike Taylor
  • Tandridge District Council – Cllr Nicholas White


  • Recreation/Leisure – Ms J Hull, Forestry Commission
  • Landowners – Ms L Charman, Country Land and Business Association
  • Farming – Mr W White, National Farmers Union
  • Farming – Mrs S Tidy 
  • Community – Mrs J Davison

High Weald Management Board

A Management Board assists with the JAC’s work in between meetings. Membership is as follows:

  • Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the JAC
  • 1 representative from Natural England
  • 3 members of the JAC
  • Chairman of the Officers’ working group
  • The AONB Director.

The Management Board  meets three times a year, usually in June, October and February.

An Officers’ Working Group provides the JAC with professional advice on its terms of reference, core budget, business plan and policy related activities.

East Sussex County Council is the ”host” authority for the JAC. It is the employer for the JAC’s staff team, it is the JAC’s treasurer, and it enters into contracts on the JAC’s behalf. It also provides personnel, finance and IT support.

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