High Weald

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Grassland and wildflower meadow management and creation guidance for land owners and managers.
pdf Wildflower Grasslands in the Weald leaflet ( pdf, 7.16 MB )

Learn about what makes the High Weald's grasslands so special and the management that they need. WIth tips on meadow creation and the benefits of using Weald Native Origin Seed. 

pdf High Weald Road Verge Types - Information Sheet ( pdf, 1.10 MB )
Information on the four main road verge types found in the High Weald AONB.
pdf Benefits of managing rough grassland by Chris Sperring ( pdf, 519 KB )
An article on the benefits of managing rough grassland for wildlife by Chris Sperring
pdf Barn owl article ( pdf, 373 KB )
Barn owl article by Jason Lavender from Anvil 2009 - implementing barn owl boxes across the High Weald
pdf Introductory booklet - Wildflower grasslands in the Weald of Kent, Sussex and Surrey ( pdf, 759 KB )
pdf Information Sheet 2 How to Manage a Wildflower Meadow ( pdf, 86 KB )
pdf Information Sheet 3 Weed Control in Wildflower Meadows ( pdf, 113 KB )
This sheet gives a step by step guide to dealing with perennial weeds such as Ragwort, Dock and Thistles - which are not wildflowers.
pdf Information Sheet 4 How to test soil nutrients before creating a wildflower meadow ( pdf, 109 KB )
pdf Information Sheet 5 How to Enhance a Wildflower Meadow ( pdf, 91 KB )
pdf Information Sheet 6 How to Create a Wildflower Grassland ( pdf, 105 KB )
pdf Information Sheet 7 Weald native origin wildflower and grass seed - UPDATED AUG 2018 ( pdf, 147 KB )
pdf High Weald Land Manager's Guidance - Meadows ( pdf, 1.53 MB )
pdf Bracken management and control in meadows Natural England Information Sheet ( pdf, 66 KB )