High Weald

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Contact: Dawn Brickwood, Weald Meadows Partnership and Services Advisor

Partners: The WMI is currently managed by the High Weald Landscape Trust who have contracted Dawn to deliver the WMI service for phase V of the project. Phase V is supported by the Nineveh Trust, The Tubney Trust, High Weald JAC, Natural England, FWAG and Agrifactors (Southern Limited).

Timescale: Phase V November 2009 - November 2011

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Weald Meadows Initiative phase IV- Biodiversity Achievements 2006 - 09

Monitoring the extent & condition of Lowland Meadows

  • The Weald Meadows Initiative had contact with 612 grassland owners.
  • 855ha of grassland benefited from WMI advice and habitat management support.
  • In 2007 141 meadows were surveyed by the WMI from the public rights of way network to assess grassland condition.
  • WMI grants ensured that 454 ha of grasslands are under long term appropriate management and/or are supported by national grant schemes.
  • 380 ha of the most valuable grasslands were entered into Countryside Stewardship Schemes/ Organic - Entry Level Stewardship/Higher Level Stewardship Schemes as a result of WMI support.

Restoring and re-establishing Lowland Meadows

  • Using 248 kg of Weald Native Origin Seed (WNOS) harvested by the Weald Meadows Initiative from ancient meadows 78 sites -  comprising 65ha of grassland -  have been enhanced (55 ha) or created (10ha).

This means that during the life of the WMI (1996 - 2009) we have harvested and supplied seed to 420 sites comprising of 608ha of grassland enhancement (435ha) and creation (173ha) using a total of 2367kg of WNOS.

In phases I - III the WMI operated across the AONB reacting to approaches from landowners, particularly those seeking advice on management and sourcing Weald Native Origin Seed (WNOS) and plant plugs for enhancement and creation projects. In phase IV the focus of the WMI was providing proactive advice to grassland owners on the Heathfield to Battle Ridge - a stronghold for species rich grasslands.