High Weald

We are running an exciting programme of events for farmers and land managers in the High Weald AONB, providing inspiration and guidance for projects that could be funded by the Farming in Protected Landscapes grant programme.

F071F97A-0A6A-4881-A4DB-121FD25272E5-1The event programme covers a broad range of practical topics from mob grazing to monitoring soil health, incorporating both ‘in-person’ events at farms across the AONB and webinars.

To get started, click the links below to learn more and reserve your space. Please note, to be eligible to attend these events you must own or manage land within the High Weald AONB.

If you have any questions about any of the events, please contact High Weald Events Coordinator Deborah Barker on 07543286709 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upcoming events:

Enterprise Stacking with farmer Gala Bailey Barker and Farm Business Manager Rebecca Heys
Wednesday 8 June, 10AM-1PM
Farm tour and discussion exploring enterprise stacking at Plaw Hatch farm to understand the challenges, benefits and efficiencies to be gained from sharing the cost of labour, real estate, equipment, and marketing by multiple enterprises.

Dung Beetle Safari with vet and dung beetle expert Claire Whittle
Tuesday 5 July, 10AM-1PM
At this on-farm event Claire will discuss the importance of our native dung beetles, how they affect the nutrients in our soil and how they can help to control parasites and pests on the farm without the use of chemicals. 

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Future events

Dates tbc, check back soon or sign up to our mailing list for more details as they're published. 

Interpretation and Signposting for Farmers and Community Groups (Ashburnham Place, Battle) 
Join Susan Cross from TellTale to learn about tools and techniques for engaging people with your local wildlife and heritage. This workshop will help you share local stories and highlight important places and features in ways that will interest visitors and the local community, covering everything from identifying your audience and key messages to creating signage and leaflets.  

Resource Efficiency on Arable Farms with farmer George Young
With the cost of inputs soaring, George will share his experience of transitioning towards using less inputs on his arable crops while maintaining profit margins. 

Mob Grazing Sheep and Cattle with farmers Jen Hunter and Andy Wear
In this online webinar, Jen and Andy will use their 10 years of experience in mob grazing to discuss the benefits and challenges of mob grazing with sheep and cattle. They are dedicated to environmentally sustainable practices and their farm has been Certified Regenerative by A Greener World.

Springham Farm Tour with Christine Meadows
Join Christine Meadows for a walk and talk around the Springham Farm site to learn more about setting up regenerative grazing systems. As part of the Biodynamic Land Trust, Springham Farm focuses on rewilding, optimising biodiversity, and using natural farming practices.

Breathing Value into your Grasslands - Iain Parkinson and Ross Wingfield
A practical hands-on-session with meadows expert Iain Parkinson exploring how to restore and manage a traditional High Weald meadow for grazing and hay to benefit your farm and animals. 

Understanding and Monitoring your Soil with Soilmentor 
A half-day on farm workshop to help you understand the regenerative indicators of healthy soil on your farm, and how to measure them using the Soilmentor app.

Managing a traditional High Weald Hay Meadow for Biodiversity and Nature Restoration - Iain Parkinson
A practical hands-on session to understand the character of different types of meadow in the High Weald and how to create and manage them with or without grazing.

Past events:

  • Enterprise Stacking: Cattle and Hens with Dairy Farmer Dan Burdett
  • Healthy Horse Healthy Land with Equiculture and the Horse Nutritionist 
  • Mob Grazing Sheep and Adding Value to Your Wool Clip - Jen Hunter
  • Regenerative Grazing at Springham Farm with Christine Meadows
  • Regenerative Agriculture & Rewilding in the High Weald 
  • Understanding and monitoring your Soil with Soilmentor - Annie Landless
  • Faecal Egg Counting to Reduce Anthelmintic Use in Sheep - Uckfield Vets