High Weald


high_beeches_autumnThe first account of why Sussex has so many exceptional gardens has just been published. Entitled 'Great Gardens of Sussex – an historical journey', the booklet written by Dr Katy Brown, garden historian and lecturer, covers the history, development, owners, gardeners and plant collections of five gardens of world class importance. The foreword is by gardening expert Roy Lancaster.

Wakehurst, High Beeches, Borde Hill, Nymans and Leonardslee comprise the Great Gardens of Sussex and all are in mid-Sussex, less than 15 minutes drive from each other. As Dr Brown says, "The gardens are distinguished by their designs and outstanding plant and tree collections." Developed during the late nineteenth century, they are in what is known as the 'Sussex Style' – a blend of naturalistic planting utilising many rare and unusual plants.

The booklet contains fascinating information about the people who have been most intimately involved in the evolution of these five masterpieces of garden design and the strong family connections, friendships and rivalries which have resulted in this unique collection of outstanding gardens. The booklet can be purchased at any of the gardens and is priced at £2.50.