High Weald

We are delighted to be working with 24 land managers to restore 23km hedges and improve 104 hectares of woodland, funded by National Grid’s Landscape Enhancement Initiative (LEI).

Newly-planted hedge beneath power line (credit: Benjamin Graham)

The ‘Beautiful Boundaries’ project is a fantastic opportunity for land managers to find out more about the value of the area’s historic hedges and their management.

It funds new hedges (planting and fencing - pictured right); hedge restoration (coppicing, gapping up and fencing); new hedgerow trees; managing woodland boundaries; and creating and enhancing woodland rides, glades and ponds.

So far, and despite challenging winter weather for three years, land managers have:

  • Restored 10km of historic boundaries; and
  • Reinstated lost hedge boundaries by planting 24,000 trees and shrubs

The works will reduce the visual impact of National Grid’s transmission line from nearby lanes and paths and will help nature recover by creating and linking wildlife habitats.

Project 219 incl Rob Goodwin

As the trees and hedges flourish, they will also:

  • Soak up water (reducing flood risk),
  • Capture carbon, and;
  • Provide shelter for grazing animals.

The project has helped land managers work together to significantly improve the area’s environment. Using local suppliers and contractors also benefits the wider economy.

Interested in being involved?
We are still offering grants for boundary projects if your holding is within the project area (see map below) and can help you develop and cost your project. For an initial chat please get in touch with Christine Meadows, Landscape Project Officer, on 01424 723009 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

natgrid map

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How have these improvements been possible?
We seek financial support for improving the High Weald’s landscape from many sources. We would like to thank National Grid for support of this project through their Visual Impact Provision - Landscape Enhancement Initiative (VIP-LEI).

The Landscape Enhancement Initiative reduces the visual impact of National Grid’s transmission lines - or improves the visitor experience around the lines - within 30 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and National Parks.

The High Weald AONB Partnership was the first in the country to receive an award from the Initiative in 2017. We have since secured two more awards, representing an investment of over £460,000 in our nationally important landscape.

NatGRid laidhedge

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