High Weald

woodland_archaeology_cab_cards_03A set of “Cab Cards” are available from the Historic Environment Awareness project to help woodland workers identify and conserve important archaeological features they might encounter.

Many people tend to think of archaeological features as rare or something only unearthed by digging many feet into the ground. But in woodland archaeological features are preserved on the surface as the ground is relatively undisturbed. The woodlands of the High Weald are full of features, some very small, some large and range from the remains of ancient field boundaries to first world war training trenches, with a fascinating record of historical land use in between.

The cards have been produced by the Historic Environment Awareness project, led by East Sussex County Council. The South East Woodlands Archaeology Forum (SEWAF) has led the cards’ drafting and trialing.

pdf Limiting damage to woodland archaeology (1.15 MB)

WFR-logoThis project was run as part of the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.