High Weald

Use our interactive map to find, view and download LiDAR images for the area that has been flown.

This map of the Weald Forest Ridge area below is divided into 6 sections. Click on your area of interest to search for the LiDAR image. Please note only the Weald Forest Ridge area within the High Weald AONB has been flown by LiDAR. 

Visit What is LiDAR? and Making sense of LiDAR to find out more about how these maps are useful in finding out more about local archaeology.

lidar map

south of Crowborough area between Balcombe and Forest Row Ashdown Forest area south west of Tunbridge Wells east of Tunbridge Wells east of Horsham

Other sources of LiDAR

Another place to find LiDAR is from the Environment Agency.  Areas flown by the Environment Agency are mainly near rivers and along the coast. LiDAR images can be downloaded freely for personal non-commercial use from the Defra data services platform.