High Weald


  • bank wood historic
  • pits mine st leonards forest
  • track ancient sunken bluebells
  • Wood banks

    Find out what makes the High Weald so special.......

  • Look out for quarries

    Large and small.

  • Look out for sunken routeways

    they are hundreds of years old

The archaeology of the Kent, Sussex and Surrey High Weald tells us a lot about past use of the landscape. However there are still questions to be answered about the human use of the High Weald - though many relics have been found - many more, protected by the area's extensive and relatively undisturbed woodland, are undiscovered and are not easy to spot.

This section has been designed to help anyone interested in the area's past get involved with finding out more about is hidden archaeology. In particular it provides access to the LiDAR images for the Weald Forest Ridge area of the High Weald. These images show up shapes in the ground; pales and warrens, furnaces and hammer ponds and charcoal hearths and they provide a great starting point for anyone interested in undertaking an archaeological survey.

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