High Weald

High Weald Boundary

HW location map

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  • The Landform Story

    The High Weald countryside gets its ridges, valleys and rolling landscape from the underlying bands of sandstone and clay.

  • Routeways Story

    The High Weald has a unique, radiating network of ancient routeways and tracks.

  • Settlement Story

    The High Weald has many isolated farmsteads, hamlets and dwellings dotted across the countryside.

  • Woodland Story

    Trees and woodland are a particularly distinctive feature of the High Weald landscape...

  • The Field and Heaths Story

    The High Weald's rolling hills are draped with small, irregular fields - edged with ancient boundary features and often containing flower-rich grassland.

Every landscape has a story and the High Weald is no exception.

Its key features - its rolling hills, scattered farmsteads, small woodlands, irregular-shaped fields, open heaths and ancient routeways - were created by the end of the 14th century - the High Weald is essentially a medieval landscape.

Our Story explains how people created this landscape. It is a story of drovers, farmers, woodsmen, iron-masters and pigs! It is made up of five chapters and starts with 'The Landform Story'.

Click on the menu options to read the story or watch our videos, which also provide stunning aerial views of the High Weald.

The landscape continues to be shaped and changed - visit our Look After section to find out what you can do to help care for the area's special features.