High Weald

plan_typesFarmsteads are a vital feature of the High Weald landscape.  This report details how farmsteads have been mapped and categorised in support of wider guidance on their reuse.  Understanding farmsteads so we can manage and adapt these vital buildings to the future challenges facing them is the main driver of this research.

wind_turbineThis research was driven by Government targets to have 15% renewables by 2020. This technical report looks at the actual wind speeds available in the High Weald It analyses a range of additional, crucial 'constraints' to wind energy development.

landscape_parkland_sheep_benendenWhile much of the High Weald remains quite an informal landscape, significant areas were formally managed in medieval times as deer parks and later as formal 'designed' estates and gardens.  Using detailed map regression, this report helps to fill a gap in our knowledge by uncovering the lost history of these formal elements of the landscape.

house_buildingThe High Weald's cultural landscape depends upon its active management and this requires people to live and work close to the land.  However most rural workers don't earn enough to afford to live in the High Weald.  This report examines the housing needs of rural workers and the affordability 'gap' facing rural workers.