High Weald

gorseThe bright yellow, coconut scented flowers of Gorse, Ulex europaeus, brighten early Spring. This versatile plant has been used over the centuries as fuel, cattle food, as somewhere to spread washing to dry, chimney brushes, dye for cloth, and no doubt many more uses!

wood_anemoneThe Wood Anemone Anemone nemorosa is one of the earliest spring flowers and an indicator of an ancient woodland site. The plant spreads at snail's pace - no more than 6 foot every hundred years, so occupies very confined areas.

songthrushSong thrushes (Turdus philomelos) are a familiar and popular garden songbird whose numbers are declining seriously, especially on farmland making it a Red List species. The decline appears to be caused by a combination of lack of food and nesting sites, both brought about by the intensive farming methods so widely practiced in the UK today such as the loss of hedgerows and wet ditches. One of our management plan targets is to ensure no loss or degradation of existing field boundaries. Targets like this will help to maintain the habitats that are so important to the Song Thrush.