High Weald

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Hever Road, Hever, Kent, TN8 7NH
T: 01732 862304
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W: http://www.hever.kent.sch.uk

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General Information:

Solar panels light up Hever

'At Hever we think it is really important to look after the environment particularly as we are in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). We do this in lots of different ways such as picking up litter, saving water, and recording wildlife. By installing solar panels we are now trying to look after the air.

Solar panels do not produce carbon dioxide and so we are being more eco-friendly. Unlike coal or oil it is a renewable source of energy and by not polluting the atmosphere we are helping reduce possible global warming.

We hope that out panels will reduce our electricity consumption by approximately one sixteenth but we will keep looking for other sustainable ways to conserve our natural world.

It's good fun to see how much energy our panels are producing and how much carbon dioxide they are saving. We also hope we can share our experiences with other schools so that we can all work together.

heversolarlaunchThis project would not have been possible without funding from High Weald Sustainable Development Fund, Kent County Council and the Low Carbons Building Grant.' Melanie Culpin (Joint Head Eco Committee) and Anna St Pierre (Eco Committee member)