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High Weald Heroes at Leigh Primary School have made links with Hazel Street Farm - a fruit farm in Horsmonden that welcomes school visits.  Below are 2 extracts from articles written by the children about their day:

"Our trip to the apple farm was amazing! We got to ride on a tractor in crates - it was epic. Every few minutes we had to stop so Richard could tell us about the different varieties of apples and then he'd pass us some apples so we could try them. He drove round the farm and back and then he parked by the huge fridge!" By Nathan


"When we arrirved a farmer called Richard greeted us. Then he took us to a tractor that has lots of crates in it, they were big crates. We all got on and off we went. We tried about  7 types of apples, but I can only remember these - Gala, Bramley, Braeburn, Discovery and Golden Delicious.  We also tried some wine grapes. Then we went down a big hill at full pelt. Next, we went in to a building that had two big fridges full of apples - the smell was really sweet and strong..." By Bethany P

To find a High Weald farm that welcomes school visits, as well as other local countryside sites, visit our Out and about page.