High Weald


You can make a difference! There are 5 actions that your school can undertake to be a High Weald Hero School; Find Out About; Explore; Take Care of; Be Proud and Enjoy. The actions often provide a local umbrella theme under which much of your schools environmental activity can fall. 


Find Out About

Things your school can do: watch the My High Weald Hero video, surf the web, use local museums, grandparents etc to find out about the history of your local area, undertake wildlife and other surveys using local wildlife groups for help.

School case studies:Colliers Green Primary School have found out about charcoal burning and the history of the school name; Rye Bay Community Primary School has embedded the High Weald landscape through the curriculum planning process.

TakecareofTake Care of
Things your school can do: pick up litter, install wind turbines and solar panels, compost rubbish - if you're an Eco-school you're probably already taking care of the environment and achieving the High Weald Hero Actions. Why not use our education resources to learn about local, sustainable energy sources?

School case studies: Claremont Primary School have installed solar panels and children have been asked to help rewrite their curriculum so that sustainability is linked into all areas.

BeproudofBe proud of
Things your school can do: hold a High Weald  Heroes open day for your local community and share your knowledge and experiences of the local area, invite the local community on a High Weald Welly Walk.

School case studies: Staplecross Primary School held a High Weald Heroes exhibition for the local community in the village hall.

Things your school can do: contact us to develop a High Weald Welly Walk from your school gate (or download an existing walk) .  Have a look at our Out and about section for more ideas of how and where to explore your local area. 

School case studies: Burwash Primary School chose to use the Netherfield Welly Walk as their school trip to learn about another area of the High Weald.

Things your school can do: admire and paint the view from your school, take photos of your local area and create displays.

School case studies: Lots of schools have had fun days out in the High Weald - why not have a picnic on Ashdown Forest? Visit a local farm? Or use a Welly Walk for a treasure hunt?