High Weald

walking dad child laid hedgeOur site details self-guided circular routes of varying lengths that have been developed by the area's local authorities. As the routes are a high priority for maintenance, steps and stiles; waymarking and route guides should be of a high standard. 

We have also listed walks developed by local residents which, because of their length, location and information on the High Weald, broaden route choice. However, as these routes have been developed without local authority involvement, there is no guarantee of standards - they should however meet the basic standards for rights of way.

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Walks of 0-3 miles
Walks of 3-5 miles
Walks of 5-7 miles
Walks of 7-9 miles
Walks of 9+ miles


All promoted routes on the site follow public rights of way that cross private land and/or use minor roads. Most landowners welcome people on their land, provided that they do not stray from the rights of way and that they abide by the visitors code.

If you experience problems with any of the routes please contact the relevant county council.

The clay paths of the High Weald can be muddy at all times of year so waterproof boots are recommended.

Be prepared for changeable weather by carrying waterproofs in a rucksack. Trousers can be useful in providing protection against any high or prickly vegetation or rain-drenched or dewy crops. For an up-to-date weather forecast, contact Weathercall on 09068 500 402.