High Weald

A 50 kilometre (31 mile) walk that traverses the floodplains of the River Rother and Cuckmere.


Name: 1066 Walk
Length: 50 Kilometres
Start point: Strand Quay, Rye

Finish point: Pevensey Castle
Users: Walkers
Days to complete Trail: Approximately 4
Explorer maps: 124, 125
Landranger maps: 199

Rye, a hill top town famous for its smuggling associations, Winchelsea is one of the best-preserved planned medieval towns (or bastides) in Britain. Carr Taylor Vineyards and Herstmonceux Castle, one of the oldest brick buildings in England.

Famous Associations
In September 1066, William, Duke of Normandy brought his army to Pevensey in East Sussex and went on to defeat King Harold in the town of Battle in what many people know as the battle of Hastings.

High Weald AONB Unit's favourite sections
Spectacular views from the Winchelsea area over the beach and the English Channel and inland across the Brede levels to the wooded Weald. The remote settlements of Brownbread Street and Penhurst.

The route passes through Rye, Doleham, Winchelsea and Pevensey all of which can be accessed by train from Ashford and the South Coast. The walk also passes through Battle, accessible by train from London within 90 minutes.

The 1066 Country Walk by Brian Smails £4.95. The illustrated guide described the route, giving instructions together with appendices providing practical information, but sketch maps are not provided. ISBN 1-903568-00-5