High Weald

wowo_yurtThe Cragg family have lived at Wapsbourne Manor Farm near Sheffield Park for over thirty years. The story of how the camping enterprise started as told by Farmer Paul 'With the need to diversify the farmer's wife suggested welcoming camping guests to share the beautiful countryside. The farmer told her to leave the business strategy to him. The farmer's wife went ahead and booked campers to stay and sent the farmer out to mow the meadows. The rest is history as they say'.

Signed up to Our Land Wowo campsite are committed to keeping the countryside unspoilt and alive with wildlife. Through the Stewardship Grant Scheme they have increased biodiversity as demonstrated by bird surveys that have been carried out. Campers can see and hear a variety of birds, including three types of owls.

Each of the five family members, Paul, Jean and their three children have interests and skills that contribute to the management of the business.  They have promised to enhance their guests experience by offering or promoting experiences in the landscapes that provide enjoyment and learning in ways that sustain these special places. They hold various events throughout the year for watching wildlife and workshops offering foraging, bush craft, live willow weaving and basketry using materials and landscape found on the farm which show their commitment to the value of rural skills which they feel is important to keep alive.

Environmental practices such as recycling, ecotricity green energy supply, composting toilets and rainwater usage help to minimise the footprint of visitors and they actively help to support the local economy by promoting local farmshops, cafes and pubs and selling local produce at the reception shop.

A family campsite, they have a variety of different sizes of Mongolian Yurts for campers looking for luxury whilst retaining the rustic style of the outdoors: there is a choice of water edge camping or the Tipi Trail offering woodland camping.   A warm welcome is given to all.

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