High Weald

L 035553Providing the highest quality courses with professional and experienced instructors, Nuts4Climbing, operates on the rock outcrops near Tunbridge Wells on the Kent and Sussex Border. They run taster courses on everything from rope work to how to avoid environmental impact and offer one-to-one coaching, family days, weekend and six-week courses.The company specialises in low-ratio coaching and have built an excellent reputation at introducing even the most hesitant to the great outdoors.

Nuts4climbing courses differ from most in that the instructors have a specific interest in the Wealden sandstone, its geology, flora and fauna, the landscape and its history. They teach clients about the unique and fragile nature of the rocks and the paleontology behind them. The area is rich in industrial archaeology dating from the 16th to the 18th century, when iron smelting and metal working made the area wealthy and important to national security. Some remnants of trades are still visible on and around the rocks, remarked upon by the staff for client's interest and benefit. The local instructors, such as Sarah Cullen who runs Nuts4Climbing, are well grounded in the area's culture and natural habitat. Visitors to the rocks have a 'code of conduct' explained to them on arrival which ensures that the environment is protected for years to come.

Instructors working for Nuts4climbing are actively engaged in conservation work: building revetments to control ground erosion; undertaking woodland management and repairing eroded rock faces under the direction of the site's Management Group.

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