High Weald AONB Team

The High Weald AONB team is a small, passionate team with specialist knowledge of the High Weald landscape. Together, we have been advising for over 30 years in the landscape, ecology, communications, education, farming and land management sectors.

Since our establishment in 1992 we have worked collaboratively to:

  • Highlight the value of the area
  • Guide decisions on the management of the area’s special landscape features
  • Help individuals, communities and organisations connect to the landscape and to each other
  • Provide practical support to farmers and land managers with landscape management and restoration
  • Produce a 20-year vision and strategy for the area (reviewed every 5 years)
  • Develop an evidence base for AONB policy
  • Raise funds to improve the High Weald landscape and engage people with it
  • Develop and deliver large, multi-year partnership projects.

Small but mighty! Most of us work part time and we are a team of 8 full-time equivalent staff. That’s just 1 person for every 183 square km of AONB.

Sally Marsh, AONB co-director
Sally Marsh
Co-Director (Job Share)
Headshot of High Weald AONB co-director, Jason Lavender
Jason Lavender MSc
Co-Director (Job Share)
Headshot of AONB Business Manager, Gerry Sherwin
Gerry Sherwin
AONB Business Manager
Samantha Nicholas, Team Support Officer
Samantha Nicholas BA
Team Support Officer
Emma White, Communications Officer
Emma White
Communications Officer
Rachel Bennington, Education Officer
Rachel Bennington MSc
Education Officer for High Weald Heroes
Christine Meadows, Land Management Project Officer
Christine Meadows
Land Management Project Officer
Tobias Jackson
Land Management Project Officer
Dean Morrison, Project Officer: Sussex Flow (Cuckmere & Combe)
Dean Morrison
Project Officer: Sussex Flow (Cuckmere & Combe)
Sarah Brotherton PhD
Landscape Officer (research, evidence, guidance)
Sandy Williamson, Dear Management Project Officer
Sandy Williamson
High Weald Deer Management Coordinator
Steph Mason, High Weald AONB Senior Administrator
Steph Mason
Senior Project Administrator